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Sapele O.k For Neck ?

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As long as we're talking neck woods...

I've got it into my head that the ash guitar I'm building really should have a neck made out of ash...I think it'd look cool.

I've read that you have to be careful with ash because it can split at the neck --but I'd make a two piece neck most likely, and reinforce it with CF rods. And adding the rods in should help keep the weight down too, I figure.

Curtis P built an ash neck a while back --has anyone else tried it?

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You mean like this?


Here's the top view:


The plank's not thick enough for a two-piece neck, since I'd need it to be at least 55 mm wide --it's only 30 mm thick, and it hasn't been thicknessed yet (I bought the plank to make the top, not for the neck). I believe I can get a thicker plank though.

But is there a reason I couldn't use this plank as is and make a one-piece (it'd be a drop-down)? I figure if I just use wood from the side with the tight lines, that should work, right? (I'm thinkiing since the grain seems to run vertically ...)

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Yes, pretty much that, although you want to check it's got 'straight lines' on both edges, as it were; not only straight grained when looking at the neck from top or back, but also from the side. If the grain for the side bit goes straight along the narrow edge (it'll be most visible on the bit wher the grain veers off from perfectly quartered), it should be fine.

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