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Trem problems

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god don't let that happen!!!!!!!!!!

out of curiosity, what problems are you having with an edge? I've found that set up properly, the only kind of guitar more stable is a fixed bridge.

Well first of all I tend to use extremely heavy strings, either Ernie Ball ligh/heavies guage .10 - .52 or just plain 11s regardless of tuning this requires using 4 or sometimes 5 claw springs. Secondly, I don't do usually use very many "light" trem effects, if I'm using it I'm causing damage.

Under these conditions, THE DANG TREM ARM IS ALWAYS LOOSE. Not just the arm, the socket. In some of them (like the lp-7 on my 7620) it's because I need to put a drop of lock-tite in the the socket to keep it from unscrewing. On others, like the plain ol' edge on my 750 it's just because it's worn out. and needs to be replaced. Which is fine, I understand parts wear out and all but, these just seemed to wear out FASTER than have happened on any of my other bridges. In fact out of some 14 guitars here's a complete list of my bridge problems:

Split the trem block of an $80 Cort I got from sears - time 2 years

Broke a fine tuner on two Kahler "Traditional Series" trems (which is a great trem with a fundamental design problem and anyone who's used it knows what it is) - time 5 years

Stripped the trem arm socket on a TRS101 - time 6 years

Trem arm socket will NOT stay tight on LPE7 - time 2 days

Trem arm socket no longer tight on Edge - time - no more than 6 months with bridges ranging from pristine condition to beat to crap.

Maybe I'm just hard on bridges, but 6 months just doesn't seem to be a long time.

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