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Beer Keg Into An Oilcan Reverb?!


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Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong place...delete if necessary!

Anyway, so i have a beer keg, and I wanna do something guitar/FX related to it! One of the most obvious options would be to use it as a huge "reverb pan" in an FX chain. But then i was thinking, it would make a great oil can reverb/delay (search tel-ray on google if you don't know what one is). But i'm abit wary about damaging myself and putting oil anywhere near electricity :D So how safe is it to play about with something like this? I mean, I can solder well, and there's a few schematics on www.telray.com that i can easily follow to make one, buuut how likely am I to blow something up in comparision to building a normal FX pedal or modding my guitar (which i do already)?

Or is it better to just make a standard "reverb pan", maybe with some liquid inside for effect, and a feedback loop using just transducers?

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