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Relicing Advice

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im about to start my first relic job on a strat and i was wondering if i would need to do anything to protect the bare wood afterwards, particularly on the neck. im only going for mild relic, not a rory galagher type finish, so there wont be too much bare wood, but i just wanted to make sure about this before i started.

thanks for any help or advice

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An interesting dilema. If you relic it only enough to leave some laquer penetrating or coating the wood, then that would protect it enough.

If you take all the laquer off, then it leaves it open to dirt, sweat, grime which will improve its RELICED appearance! You would have to really abuse a neck like regularly dipping it in a bath to cause any serious damage like warping from ingress of water. Most likely you'll find that the grease/oil/sweat from your hands will tend to coat any open pores remaining, help to seal them and increase it's authentic look :D

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i did a bit today. i took a little off on the edges around the first few frets, rubbed in a bit of very very strong tea (i've been ageing the plastic parts overnight) and then some dirt. then i dipped a tiny bit of danish oil on some very fine wirewool and rubbed it over where the wood was bare, wiped off the excess and put it out in the sun for a bit. it looks pretty damn good. so i think i'll 'age' it a bit more!

then its on to the body - i painted it a few years ago like the jimi monterey strat - but i dont think i'll be burning it.:D

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