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Bridge Swapping

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hi folks, i just bought a used ibanez 7 string, im going to seriously fix up this guitar, wont be much stock left when i'm done, but for now i was going to buy a new bridge, i was thinking this one: http://www.hipshotproducts.com/cart.php?m=...ct_detail&p=170 (i know, no picture) its the hipshot hardtail in black and i was wondering, how many modifications will i have to make for this to fit correctly on my 7 string? i dont want to mess up the intonation or anything; this hardtail and the strat style hardtail that comes on it look nothing alike, but i dont know how the screws go so basically what i'm asking is, will this drop right in, or will i need the make new holes and such, if so how hard will it be to get them in the right spot? thanks,


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Being a hardtail bridge, if the guitar you're swapping into was originally a hartail bridge as well, it shouldn't be too difficult.

If that hipshot bridge is anything like the other hipshot bridges of that style I've seen, it's set up for string-through stringing. (Tele-style, ferrules on the back of the guitar deal) If the guitar is not currently set up for this, you'll have to make those holes. If it is set up for this, chances are it the holes for the string through may not line up perfectly with what the hipshot bridge is expecting. You could probably carefully widen or alter the holes at the top of the guitar so that the strings can make it to the bridge, yet the holes are still covered by the plate.

I have no idea what the screw pattern is like for a seven-string bridge, so you may need to re-fill and drill screw holes, but I'd imagine you can probably hide those under the new bridge, unless the old one had some monster-sized plate.

Getting the bridge in the right space is just like any other bridge, use the Stew Mac calculator.

But without seeing the guitar or the bridge, I couldn't say more. I would contact hipshot, they should be able to get you some of the specs on that bridge. They used to have a page with some of the measurements for their bridges (at least the bass bridges, I remember) I followed the link to it off of the FAQ page like I did last time, and it seems the measurement page is down.

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