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Bigsby Problem

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So would it be possible to fit it on still??

Sure, that's the kind of bridge I used to modify mine. I used a dremel-type thing and cut notches in the plate in line with those string holes --I went all the way to the holes too, since I didn't want any risk of the strings rubbing on the plate. You might be able to keep the holes, if you ever decide to ditch the bigsby. Or just buy a new plate, they're not expensive.

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If you put the strings through those holes, you'll get friction as you use the trem which will interfere with returning to pitch and will break strings more quickly. You either have to mod the plate as Mickguard suggested, or use some sort of low friction lining in the holes. Maybe some kind of tubing which has an outer diameter the same as the holes and an inside diameter large enough for the strings.

I think Mick's idea will be more successful.


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Buy a cheap tele bridge on eBay and whittle it up. A Bigsby changes the look anyway... get something that works. On the TeleModders website, I found pics of a lightly modded bridge and one with more extensive surgery.

Aw man, now you've gone and made me want a Bigsby again :D

I tried the low-friction tubing idea too--that would work best if you make the holes larger, at least for the bass strings. I didn't have the right tools at the time I was playing with the idea, otherwise I think the way to go with that would be to fashion a single piece with tubes that fit into the holes--and ideally with the tubes that sort of round upwards to gently guide the string back toward the saddles. I thought of buying a Graphtech bridge saddle blank and modding that.

But I like the look of the modded back plate too, and it's a lot easier to do.

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