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How To Dye Veneer

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Does anybody know how to dye veneer so that the color is even all the way through? I have some maple veneer that I would like to use as purfling and would like to create a color pattern.

I know I can buy dyed veneer, but I already have a lot of scrap to use up and want to match colors I already have. I have tried dying it by boiling strips in a water/dye solution. The dye never penetrates the veneer and the slightest sanding or scraping removes the dye. The commercial stuff all claims that it is "pressure" dyed. Could I cook the veneer in a regular stove top pressure cooker? I have one of those "food saver" vacuums, would that work? Anybody know a home shop way of doing this?


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Sometimes threads just slip through-- and not always because nobody knows. It might be that it's such a basic question that can be answered by Google or Forum Search, or it may just be that the dyeing experts were feeling lazy/ambivalent the day the thread was posted. :D

I don't know the answer, either... but here's a free bump for you. Sorry it's only 3 minutes after yours. <chuckle>

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