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Filler And Paint Questions

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Hi there, im currently in the process of making a Randy Rhoads V style guitar. I have a few questions on paint and grain filler. Basically, my requirements are solid colours for the body (black with white pinstripes) and a neck that does not become "tacky" under the heat of things. Basically i have no specific requirements for the neck to be of any colour or anything, i'd just rather have a "slick" surface that is frictionless as possible under sweaty hand conditions!

Body and paint questions: Right, i plan to use an acrylic lacquer for the body. When i brought my supplies i also got something called thixotropic filler for mahogany (the body and neck are mahogany), if i use this thixotropic filler to fill the wood will it be ok to use acrylic lacquer to paint the guitar? or are nasty reactions likely to occur?

Also im from the uk and cant source Krylon acrylic lacquer which i've heard good things about but i have heard that Humbrol paints are distributors for them in the uk, now ive found this:

http://www.decoratingdirect.co.uk/viewprod/h/HUMJSP/ which is described as "acrylic resin formulation which is suitable for interior and exterior use", does the acrylic resin mean acrylic lacquer? if so it sounds very similar to the krylon interior/exterior range which several people appear to use and achieve good results with. If not does anybody from the uk have any other suggestions for obtainable brands of acrylic lacquer?

Neck questions: Basically what are acrylic lacuer paints with acrylic clearcoats like to play as im not sure what my current guitars finishes are. Would an acrylic clearcoat be reasonably "slick" under hot conditions? If not does anybody have any suggestions for a suitable finish that would fulfill my requirements?

Anyway thanks for reading this and any help!


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Acrylic lacquer (Krylon) is very soft and won't hold up very well IMO.

I think that painting a neck with it is especially a bad idea.

Unless you're going for a relic look, I'd stay away from it altogether.

I've had pretty good success with acrylic urethanes.

Krylon takes up to a year to fully cure.

This stuff takes about an hour 1/2 to a couple hours.

Here's one I did that had a painted a neck.

The neck was smooth as glass.




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Marine (watercraft, not soldiers) supply stores sell what is known as poyester resins. These are very hard and slick when dry and should suit you well. I have not had the opportunity to use them so I don't know how easy they are to apply.


That should read POLYester...my bad!...Rog

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