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Bend In Neck

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hello all, i fitted my neck that i purchased from Axes R Us, now attached i noticed that the neck is bent, i put strings on it and left it for a few days but still its bent quite badly.

is there a way i can fix it? ie putting weight on the neck over night?

help would be much appreciated.

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I'd reccomend going through the ENTIRE setup posted on the main page, from start to finish, don't skip any steps.


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thanks for the link.

but adjusting the truss rod makes no difference, the neck is bending the wrong way...

How much back bow does it have when it is strung up to tune? If you just purchased the neck and it has a back bow issue even when it is strung up, and is not equipped with a double acting truss rod. You should probably get in touch with Axes R Us.


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it has quite alot of back bow, the stings buzz up to the 7th fret. and there is no gap across the whole neck.

adjusting the the truss rod completely tight and almost loose enough to see the truss rod poking out, has no effect on the back bow.

i've cut the neck to fit a nut, i doubt i can get it replaced now. but still i'll contact AxesRus for advice...


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