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Changing Pickups


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...how do i do it[?]

Remove all of your current electronics, buy a pair of 81s and follow the very detailed instructions included with them - the only potential problems are replacing the selector switch (a Tele switch will work great, or you can use the 5-way you have in a pinch) and finding a place for the battery. If you run into problems, I'm sure somebody around here can walk you through it.

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I'd suggest getting a 3-way switch if you don't plan on putting a single coil in since you won't be doing any series or parallel wiring with the EMGs. You'll simply have Bridge, Bridge+Neck, and Neck selections.

Other than that, the directions for EMGs are dead simple, and if you bought used and didn't get them, EMG is nice enough to have them all online.

If you need help, I'll do my best.

Remember the Alamo, and God Bless Texas...

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