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Just Got A Sh-4, Need To Adjust Pole-pieces.

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Yeah, I went out and bought a JB to replace the 500T in my Epi. Les Paul. It seems very dark and muddy, and somewhat metalish. I'm trying to get the tone close to the Dookie era of Green Day (ducks). I read a thing about adjusting the pole pieces and whatnot, I did that, but it was still very muddy. I turned the gain on my amp (SS Peavy), down, the mids about half and the treble about half, with bass kinda on the low side. What have I missed here?



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The 500T uses ceramic magnets, which are generally brighter sounding and more powerful than the Alnico V magnet in your JB.

The 500T is a super-high output "in your face" pickup, whereas the JB is a hot-rodded PAF, more round and "classic" sounding. It will take some getting used to, and some more amp tweaking, though I don't know how close you'll get to Green Day with a solid-state Peavey. And I'd put the pole pieces back where they were, they're really more for balancing string-to-string volume.


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One thing I thought might cause some of the darkness, is the treble bleed cap I have, I think its .0001uf, and I put it in after I installed the 500T to take care of the treble bleeding off when I turned the volume down. That, and I dont have a tone cap installed.

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