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ok but is it harder to wire active pickups than passive


i want to put emg 81 pickups into a guitar is that harder than putting normal passive humbuckers into a guitar

Just more wires to solder, battery to locate and install.

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Doesn't EMG have some sort of molex (or similar) connection option, making installation actually easier?

Well, the wires attach to the pickups via standard molex and pins (think old style CD-ROM to soundcard connections in a PC), but the end of the wire still has to be soldered to the pots. I personally wouldn't call it easier, but it is convenient if you buy used pickups and the previous owner cut the lead extremely short. Instead of soldering an extension, you just whip out another EMG quick connect cable. I've also seen the pins on a quick connect pickup break because there wasn't much clearance between the bottom of the pickup where the pins are and the body surface in the pickup cavity. I'm having the problem right now in my S470. The 81 and 85 are fine, but the SLV is higher than I'd like, and it's screwed down as far as it can go safely.

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