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Convert Bolt-on Neck -> Set Neck

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Hi guys, my first post here. First of all, please pardon my poor english. English is not my first language. Forgive me. :D

I am pretty interested in this les paul shaped Saga electric guitar kit. Here is a picture of it.


Just wondering if my plan will works in this way.

First of all i apply wood glue carefully around the neck area. (Do I need to apply at the pocket as well? Dual layer of glue is that it is)

After than I will hold it on usintg the 4 screws provided.

After 24 hours, I will then screw out the neck screws, and fill it in hole with wood fillers.

There are some question before I continue my first project.

*Is ordinary wood glue strong enought?

*How long does it take to dry completely?

*Will it be strong enough if I try to bend the neck pocket area? ( My epiphone is strong enough do do that)

Thanks guys, hope these kind of thread doesnt exist much, or if this is a nuisance to anyone.

If so, I apologize, I did a search and found nothing or limited about converting bolt on neck to set on neck.

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Here's one, and another, and another, and even one I started way back when --you probably didn't know the right search term to use.

Basically, the answer is no. Or yes, but it's probably not worth it.

Chances are, the pocket isn't nearly tight enough for the neck. And if there's any sealer on the neck (or in the pocket), you'd have to take that off, which will make it even looser in the pocket. I suppose you could use epoxy though.

If you really want, you can route out the neck pocket a bit, glue a new piece of wood in there, route out a new neck pocket to fit this neck, then glue it in.

When gluing, you don't need the screws--use clamps.

But really, if you want a set neck, you should buy a kit for that.

What you can do, though, is replace the neck plate with neck screw ferrules --with these you can sculpt the heel the way you want it. They look pretty cool too.

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I haven't done it myself, but I think using the ferrules in place of the plate is the best advice. It's not at all worth it to you to try to glue it.

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