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How Would I Go About Repairing This One....

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Finished in some greeny/blue paint, would the only option be to find as near a match as possible, mask off all but the affected area,scuff it, spray and then clear in a poly/acrylic (latter available much more readily) and leave to cure? Not too concerned about a really glossy finish, it is the back after all....but that bare wood euw.

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I'd leave it alone. But then, I say that all the time.

Doing an invisible finish touchup is very, very difficult to do well; finishing takes some skill/practice, and finish repair doubly so. And if it's not matched dead-on, personally, I'd rather see missing paint than a bad touchup job.

If you want some tutorials on finish repairs, go look at FRETS.com and find the various finish repair bits and pieces, and/or buy one or more of StewMac's videos and books.

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