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Wiring - Again


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Hey, sorry to repost this, but I urgently need help with this and nobody replied to the last post. Could anyone please help me out and either suggest where I can find diagrams of this or point me in the direction of someone who can draw up a diagram even. I need to wire up the following

2 Shadow SHEQ5 pickups and a GHOST Piezo system

( The guitars controls would look identical to a Les Pauls )

toggle switch


1 - magnetic p/u

2 - magnetic p/u + piezo

3 - piezo

control knobs

magnetic p/u volume pot

magnetic p/u blend pot

magnetic p/u + piezo blend pot

piezo volume pot

Thanks again.

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Are you blending the mag PUs (using the pot) and treating it as 1 PU for output purposes? If so, wire the selector switch just like you would for 2 mag PUs (substitute the Ghost for 1 of the mag PUs).

Here are a few wiring sites to look at:

Guitar wiring

Guitar electronics FAQs


There are tons of them out there...google guitar wiring.

As for the blend pot, try this Stewmac link (also explains a lot of other wiring).

Stewmac wiring

One last thing...you may need a preamp to match levels of the piezo and the mags...Ghost and others sell these which comes complete to wire mag/mag-piezo/piezo to a stereo jack which gives one side as a regular guitar output and one as a dedicated pieso so you can split the output to 2 mono channels (regular guitar cables) and send the blended one to your regular amp and send the piezo dedicated one to an acoustic guitar amp. Hope this at least helps point you in the right direction. I wish I had the time to sit and draw the schematic for you...but it may be more beneficial to you to search a little bit and find the exact diagram for your preferences. Plus, you may stumble across something you really like that I didn't think of...Good luck...Rog

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Thanks very much for your help, but I'm not sure that I understand everything you had to say, just one thing in particular though -

"Are you blending the mag PUs (using the pot) and treating it as 1 PU for output purposes? If so, wire the selector switch just like you would for 2 mag PUs (substitute the Ghost for 1 of the mag PUs)."

Now, I have 2 pickups - Shadow SHEQ5 pickups and one piezo system that will have an acoustiphonic preamp but I am interested to know how to do the following. I want to use one blend bot to blend and switch between the magnetic pickups and the toggle switch to choose between a magnetic signal, a mixed magnetic/pizo signal and a piezo signal.

I then want to use another blend pot to blend between the piezo and magnetic output if at all possible. With one volume pot for both magnetic pockups and one volume pot for the piezo.

Hope this helps. Thanks again

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A blend pot is the same as 2 volume pots with thier outputs connected together (through a switch usually). So, if you want totally independent control for each PU (mag or piezo) use 2 volume pots. To use a blend pot and 2 volume pots is redundant...only one is needed. So I would suggest this:

A blend pot for the mag PUs.

2 volume pots OR a blend pot for mag/piezo.

Use the switch for 2 volume pots, otherwise, the blend pot does the same thing. To make this clear ... 1 blend pot = switch + 2 volume pots.

You could then use 1 main output volume.

It is possible to wire it the way you are suggesting but it seems there is an easier simpler way to achieve the final goal.

Hope this helps...Rog

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Sorry, I'm having difficulty comprehending this again. Basically, I have a body with space for four pots and a switch routed into it, I have no need for tone controls as the pickups have an EQ built in, so please could you help out and give me some suggestions as to what to do with the additional pot space. Thanks alot.

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Let's see here...One blend pot (mag PUs) - one piezo/mag selector switch - one master volume - coil tap switch for the mags


Blend pot mag - blend pot piezo/mag - two series/single(tap)/parallel switches (one for each mag PU).

Wiring for the tap and series/single/parallel switches can be found on any of the sites I linked to in the previous post. Tap is SPDT switch and series/single/parallel is DPDT switch.

FYI - a coil tap (single) is when you route ground to one of the 2 coils in a humbucker effectively making it a single coil PU...Rog

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