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Best Method For Beveling Odd Edges

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Hey guys, first time poster, but I've been frequenting this site for about a year or so.

I've started on my first build, an ESP-style explorer (sigh. yes, I'm a metalhead, obligatory first build, bear with me), with stats as follows:

Carvin 24-fret neckthrough (LOVE their necks, I've a custom guit from their shop)

--Ebony, un-dotted fretboard

Mahogany wings

TOM Bridge from Carvin (routed into a pocket for the lack of neck angle)


Sperzel 6-in-line's, black

Volume, Tone, 3-way blade switch

EMG HZ-H4/H4A (If they're good enough for Alexi [and they save me $80])


Meh. Details. Anyways, I've come to the problem of those oh-so-\m/ bevels that ESP has on their new Explorers.

I direct the curious to [http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_ex.html]

I would do them with a router, were they the same depth all the way around. But of course, nothing can be that easy. I actually saw a poster building an awesome-looking ESP F-Series with bevels and such.

How to do it? I'm thinking that a spokeshave would be the best way, seeing as I can't think of a way to do the curve with the router. Trace a guideline on the top of the body, and one on the side, and use them as a guideline. Take to it with a rasp and a spokeshave, finish with some sandpaper.

I've no problems with doing it using this method, save for the fact that I don't have a spokeshave (But nothing I can't obtain), well, and the obvious fact of ruining my project with a serious screw-up. I was just wondering if there was an easier/more effective/more sure/safer way of going about it, before I start hackin' up the mahog.

Thanks for any help or comments in advance!

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