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Decoritive Veneers

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a wise man once told me that, every glue line compresses(i think thats the right word) the sound that will naturally resonate through the guitar;

ive started putting together a body (like a 'stripe' guitar) of many pieces, basically cutoffs that are getting all glued in a line, then cut open to a bookmatch, this is made up of wood and veneers(i know its ALL wood)

so i'm building up a block 8 in. wide (approx 90mm thick for resaw)

ive gotten to 5 in. and am far over 20 laminations;

at this rate the body is going to have 80 laminates from left to right;

my origianal idea is to have this as a bookmatched body for a 2 -piece bass.

im wondering if i should change to a neck thru design with these as wings so the one piece will have resonance directly through the neck to bridge (i think faster than i type; can you tell?)

before this was mentioned to me by someone i respect very much; i was under the impression that a flawless lamination was as good as a solid piece of wood, but i guess with so many venners soaking up adheasive; theres alot of glue in that bad boy;


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Although probably true that glue would have a dampening effect. I don't know if it is as clear black and white (one piece vs laminate). Different woods even unlaminated have different dampening characteristics, and the amount of dampening or how it resonates can vary depending on your desired tone. Some people use Spalted woods for tops (not a vary resonant wood, but looks great). Also keep in mind the "tone" of the wood is anly a small factor. By that I mean other components will play a much greater role (pickups, strings and such). This is why many find it acceptable to choose looks over function in wood (electrics). Just try to keep your perspective and go with what you feel is best (it is your project have fun with it).


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very true; i could prolly get about 3 tops out of it;

but im a big fan of multi laminates that get rounded all over in the cutaways and whatnot;

inspired by a Ritter bass i saw once and never able to find again;

mickguard said it best; its definatly about the 'coolness factor'

but thanx

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mickguard said it best; its definatly about the 'coolness factor'

I really think you should go for it -- a good set of pickups and a decent amp is going to make any piece of wood sound good.

And you never know--maybe all those laminates will turn out to have some kind of magic tone. How will you know if you don't try?

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