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Can't Ground The Bridge

Off He Goes

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Sometime over the next few weeks, I am going to rewire my Hagstrom restoration project. A humbucker in the bridge, and a P-90 in the neck, nothing fancy, just two volume and two tone pots.

The problem is that the bridge I installed had different sized posts then the previous one, so I had to glue in dowels and drill holes for the new posts. Now I don't have a way to ground the bridge. Theres a wire in the pickguard cavity, but it's not touching the posts anymore because of the dowels.

What can I do to get around this? I don't really want a noisy guitar.

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Drill a new hole, solder a long wire to the bridge insert, place the wire through the hole, press in the insert, solder the wire to the main grounding point and finish assembly.

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