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Acoustic Neck Repair

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I was given this Chinese made Fender acoustic to repair from a work colleage. Neck badly fractured as it was severely sat on in a freak barbecue accident.

After regluing and clamping the neck, I sanded it all smooth and used Colron wood filler to fill the cracks left.

Trouble is, after 2 days drying I just end up sanding all the filler out of the cracks when i try to finish it.

The cracks are 2 lines running for about 10 inches along the back of the neck from the headstock, only shallow, where thin slivers of wood have come away along with the brittle lacquer.

Am i using the wrong stuff to crack-fill? I'm finishing sanding with 1200 grit. The wood filler is a little can from Homebase, single-part stuff for furniture.


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Good idea, thanks! Don't suppose it will take a dark stain will it?

The epoxy will cure to a slight amber, but honestly if it is just crack filling, the crack will look a bit darker than the surrounding wood (assuming its a light-colored wood).

The epoxy won't absorb anything liquid, but the stain may lay on top. Depending on the shade of the stain, you may be able to hide it pretty well.

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