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Semi Hollow

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like the title says;

kinduv an 'on the side project'

my inspiration came from a piece of alder i had leftover from a solid body, thats only 26'' long i was going to resaw and use for a core;

but i think instead i'll cut a pair of semi hollow sides (the ouiter wall(?)i dont know how to say it better)

and get a back and top for it;

when i see ppl use this method i see them use a middle piece through the center, for electronics and mounting the bridge;

i dont want this; im thinkin having the sides shoot up together in the middle(inside) a few inches on the top and bottom to mount the bridge and neck;

this is so i can have a nice soundhole in the top;

i want a tough back like ziricote or ebony and a top out of spruce (only to stay in an acoustic fashion, and cause i havent used it since i built an acoustic w/ my master;

the bridge will be like an acoustic but done up to acomadate bass strings; string thru or something

and now i begin.

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That'd work. The only reason people do a center block it to support the bridge... that's it! (oh.... some people call it a sustain block too... but I'm not sure if I buy that theory on it). Yeah. If you've got a thick enough top, say 1/2" thick, I'm pretty sure it'd be strong enough to have a full hollow area right under the bridge and through-out the sides and everything.


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ya ok, i could see that (1/2 thick top) i want to use a good soundbard wood like spruce and the block would be like a giant bridge brace;

should i brace the back of the soundboard if its spruce?

and/or if i use something hard will it sound like crap, id like to not have pickups; maybe a piezo but not like an electric guitar; i don't care about the'acoustics' in a way wheather its loud just something to pluck with in the back of the van

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