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Bass Guitar Neck Thickness

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I am making my bass neck at the moment and was wondering if anyone knows what is a good thickness to leave in between the bottom of the truss rod channel and the underside of the neck.

Considering that the neck tapers it would be interesting to hear what people think the minimum distance can be?

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the only taper i have on my necks is from the sides; the neck always stays the same from heel to volute;

most ppl who request certain thickness to comfort seem to be in the 20-21mm (overall from top of fingerboard to back of neck) (this IS a fast neck) i think fenders are around 24mm (i know tthey taper both ways, but ithink thats stupid) the riskiest thickness i used was 16.4(or so; like ''and a half) and that was ebony fb and stringers with maple; hasnt warped yet;

but the inportant thing is comfort and how far you 'can' go

if you have 2mm of wood behind a trussod;thats well placed snuggly behind your fb, it should be fine; then i would use the strongest stuff you got

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