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Vocal Distortion


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Can anyone suggest a fairly simple distortion circuit which would be suitable for vocals? ie one that won't feedback loads, and has a suitable input level for a microphone (balanced or unbalanced, i'm not fussed at this point, though it would be REALLY ace if it could do both)

I was thinking of something with a distortion control and a low cut knob, for that 'megaphone' sound - so that it would disguise my somewhat questionable vocals!

Any suggestions?

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It's pretty simple to just use a plug-in transformer (if you're using a lo-impedance balanced mic) into a cheap overdrive pedal - with the prices of Bëhringër and D@nëlëctro pedals, it's hardly worth building your own. Shure makes a transformer-in-a-plug (the A85F, I believe) that adapts an XLR connector to a 1/4" plug (or vice-versa) and converts the impedance so you can use your PG58 to drive your favorite boutique distortion box, and if you buy a pair, you can run it inline just like a guitar effect, just stomp the switch to add the gusto! If ya gotta have something homebrew, try playing with Hemmo's Bazz Fuss (courtesy of Home-Wrecker.com/RunoffGroove.com) - it's simple, cheap, and capable of all kinds of sonic mayhem.

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