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Pickup Sizes


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HI Ppl

I am starting to think about routering out the cavity for the pickups etc on my Strat styled guitar.

I have the scratchplate. Being that I made the routering template myself, I want to make sure that the scratch plate , when the pick ups are fitted will allign correctly. If any correction is to be be made I would rather make it to the template before the routering.

I have seen two different styles of pickups

1/ http://www.adirondackguitar.com/pickups/bill_l/testim15.jpg

2/ http://www.maverick-music.com/ProdImages/f...tratpickups.jpg

can anyone give me the physical dimensions ( at the widest points ) of these two.

I can then make templates and check to see if I need to alter my other template


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