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Help With Tremelo Install

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My son and my father have installed a tremelo into my sons Squire 51 but the mounting holes drilled into the body and the block hole routed into the back are off by (without measuring) about 1/8 inch the pickups are picking up and the strings stay on the neck but with the strings tuned they are pulling on the block so there is no whammy effect capable with the arm.

Should we plug and fill the body and reset the bridge or rout out a little more to allow the block to be able to float?

any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you in advance from a mod newbie.

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sounds like you have two problems

1.an 1/8 of an inch is not a lot of movement in the first place

the block on all my floyds move over a 1/2" at full dump

im not sure youll get that much on a standard trem

but it should not be too much less

2.sounds like you dont have enough spring pressure

how many springs and how much travel do they have

to adjust them. or how long is the spring pocket from the bottom route?

it should be around 5" in length giving you room to tighten

the springs to pin or almost "block"the bridge

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Thanks for the reply and yes we were looking at the springs as maybe being the problem I didn't measure the distance from the block to the spring mount but the springs are not streched at all when at rest we may have to rout a little more and reset the spring mount for a little more pressure.

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