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Help With Blend Knob


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Hey, I've had this half-working blend knob assembly for about a year now and I've finally decided to stop being lazy and get some help with it.

My setup is i've got a single coil and a humbucker both going into a concentric-pot blend knob that I bought from guitarelectronics.com, which then leads into a master tone and volume. The problem is, there is full output on both extremes of the knob, but as I move the knob towards the middle position, instead of blending the 2 pickups, the sound gets weaker and weaker until there is no output in the middle. I've fiddled around with it a lot, and i know its not an issue with the phases of the pickups because I've tried different phase combinations. I'm thinking right now that its either an issue with the signal just getting grounded as it goes to the middle or a faulty blend pot. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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It was advertised as a blend knob in the guitarelectronics site, so I think its actually a blend knob. The wiring looks like the wiring in this...

(first diagram)

The two sources are from the pickups, and the output goes directly to the master volume.

It sounds to me like your ground and output connections on the blend pot are reversed. If these two connections do indeed look the same as the stewmac diagram, reverse them anyway - not all blend pots are created the same way.

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oooh, Try switiching the ground and hot connections? Usually a blend pot works by having half the pot's travel not altering the resistance of that "channel" and the potentionmeter bit starts after the "click" in the centre. The other half works in the opposite direction. It sounds like the ground is wired to the half that doesn't affect the resistance so one pickup is grounded, whilst the other gets turned down towards ground. At the centre, both resistors are between hot and source, as opposed to you wanting ground and source having full resistance.

But yeah, switching the hot and ground will work. It could be that the pot is opposite to the stewmac ones, or that you wired it upside down (im guilty of doing that abit in my guitar :D)

edit: damn, you beat me!

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