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Vegetable Ivory

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Why don't you just use bone? It's easy enough to come by and pretty cheap.

I have used bone, of course, and corian and all, its just that I picked up a few samples of Tagua and it's such a nice white material and good looking I'd like to use it. I was simply wondering if anyone had experience with it.

It sure does look like ivory.

If no one has used it here I'll post an update as to how it looks and etc.

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ive used pink ivory 3 times; 2 acoustic (i just made them for existing guitars)

1 bass i made; and they turned out awsome; though i wouldn't suggest it on 'metal thraher' type guitars because the string would act like a half round rasp; im still anticipating having to make a new nut soon for my bass, although 2 months of consistant playing and not much difference!

im sure the same principles would apply; and who cares go for it; someones gotta try it once before its the new big thing;

*i dont use bone unless on request because that smell isnt worth it; i rather cheap out on plastic

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Excellent. Thanks for the info. I'm going to try it and see where it goes before I apply it to any necks I sell. Its fairly accessible where I shop for some supplies so it would be handy. You don't think it'd stand up to a lot of string bending or whammy bar? I'll put one on my kids guitar and that'll tell.

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