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Help! Pickup Selector Wiring

mushy the shroom

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Hey guys, I feel kind of stupid asking this, as it's probably really obvious, but I can't find the solution anywhere. Plus I took a class in electronics last year. But here goes:

I am planning on wiring a two-humbucker guitar, with one master volume, one master tone, and a five position rotary switch. It's this kind of switch, only with fewer poles (actually only two, as it will simultaneously control fret marker colors). I want a rotary switch so I can put a knob on it and it will look uniform with the tone and volume.. shouldn't be much more trouble to turn it. I want the positions to map as follows (from left to right positions, or vice-versa, doesn't really matter):

Kill Switch (I guess, just wire to ground, easy enough?)

Neck Humbucker Only

Both Humbuckers in Parallel

Bridge Humbucker Only

Kill Switch (why not?)

Now ordinarily I would know how to wire it with a Les Paul type switch, like this, but with a rotary switch, I have no idea how to get the two in parallel for the middle position (the Les Paul switch appears to work differently, like with leaf type internals).

Anyone help? Am I a complete dolt or is this really easy?

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Wait a minute.. I think I have it figured out. I suppose I would have to use multiple poles, right? I'm pretty sure I can manage it now, I just have to wrap my brain around it so that I don't accidentaly wire it all together so that all of the combinations are parallel. :D

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Instead of wiring two Kill positions, why not use that extra position for the good of all mankind and wire the two humbuckers in series too? You could use that 5th position for a few other options too, including but not limited to a phase reversal (which I like particularly for recording purposes).

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I suppose I would have to use multiple poles, right?

That's it! If you're using that 5 way 4 pole rotary, simply use one pole for the bridge and another for the neck, and connect both commons to the output - BTW, that suggestion about having both in series is easy enough, since you've got a 4 pole switch, so give it some thought. :D

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