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All Ebony Neck

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If i were to buy a 1.5" thick x 3.5" wide x 29" long plank of ceylon ebony, would it be suitable for a neck? It's quarter sawn and needs it's edges trimmed and also needs planing but is there any "negative" things about an all ebony neck?

I think it would look killer with a maple body :D

BTW, it's sitting at $24 with one day left...

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where are ppl finding all this cheap ebony?

i pay 49$(can) b.f. for the gabon and maccassar is even more :D

is all this ebony dry or green?

That is Ceylon, not Gabon or Mac. Actually $55-60 US for Gabon is pretty normal retail. $59 US is pretty normal retail for MacEb. You actually have a pretty fair price at 49can. That is also an auction so it may or may not go up. Moral of the story... Good Ebony is expensive.


P.S. If you are willing to invest in large random pallets around 500-1000 bd. ft. you can drop that price a quite a bit.

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