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Hi frag and welcome I just finished my strat bar a paint job I did mine from scratch including making the templates from plans that I bought .

Try here for templates if your in the UK


There is a place in the states will try and find it for you.

Found one


I don't about anyone else but buying a template takes all the hassle out of making them, I couldn't get them at the time but knowing what time and effort they save would go for buying one. It does however take the " I built this completely from the plans " satisfaction out of it

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Yep....guitarbuildingtemplates is first rate. Ronny is a stand-up guy; I got a set of LP templates that arrived with the neck template broken during shipping. He sent me a new one no questions asked.

Don't use them as your working templates, keep them as masters. Copy-rout your working templates from 1/2" MDF or birch ply and use those for every-day.

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