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Endpin Jack


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It can work as an output jack but do you plan to use it as a strap button as well? Typical rear routes do not intersect with the area of the strap button. Are you planning to design this in a new body?

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I've done it on my second project, a custom 24 fret SG built from scratch. But this is an unusual body/neck design that is totally original. Its a neckthru where the neck part in the body is actually "sleeved" inside the body halves ie. only one seam on front and back of the body, but doesn't reach all the way to the butt of the guitar. So when the control plate is removed you can see a 3" X 3" cavity that just passes the centerline of the guitar. I presoldered the hot and ground wires to the jack, drilled the right sized hole in the butt of the guitar, threaded the wires through the hole and out the control cavity and just screwed the whole unit in. Then I soldered the hot and ground to their respective places.

I just wanted to minimize all the gadgetry on the front of the guitar, 2 hb's but only 1 vol and 1 tone + 3-way toggle.

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Cool Southpa, that is kinda my reasoning too. I just wanted a cleaner look on the side of the guitar without having the jack and jack plate and everything. I'm all about efficiency and it seems more efficient to me to have the strap pin and the jack as the same. thanks

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