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Hey guys. I walked into Sam Ash the other day looking for a wireless system.

Well I boughtthe wireless system and also walked out with an Ibanez S 370 DX.

I saw this baby up onthe wall and knew there was something wrong when

she was being sold for 300. After a through investigation and fiddle, I knew she

was coming with me. The guitar looks and sounds awesome.

After a nice clean up she looks even better. My only problem is i would like to

clean the pickup mountsand the tremelo since it seems to be a bit tarnished.

Do you guys know what I could use to clean it up?

I have tried regular guitar polish and it doesnt work. Maybe some type of metal polish?

Thanks for the help in advance!! :D

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Anything metal usually requires metal polish, depends how much its tarnished. So you need something that has a little more cutting powerthan regular guitar polish. Brasso works well, just avoid touching the stuff, use latex gloves. I have something called "NEVR-DULL" Magic Wadding Polish. Its basically a can of cotton thats been impregnated with a polishing compound, just tear off a piece as needed. It works well on all types of metals, chrome, brass, silver, whatever you have.

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