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Help With Mixer


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Do you have any troubleshooting or electronics experience? I'd look for a book on how to troubleshoot electronics without a schematic. I picked one up at a used bookstore for $2, and it was nice to have. Unfortunately it deals with some specific issues on mostly older technology, but some of it can be applied to newer tech.


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i have a Quantum fx 6-125 that i got broken at a garage sale and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get wiring diagrams for it because its a dead company and i cant find them anywhere

From the name I'm guessing its a multi FX of some sort in which case a schematic will probably be difficult to come by. The best you can do is check components for obvious overheating or other damage and check for bad solder joints. If one of the more specialized components (i.e made for that unit which in a multi FX is likely) has died then its possible it wont be repairable at all.


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