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My Wiring Idea...thoughts?


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Okay, first off, I have a 1984 les paul studio that all of this would be going in...it's custom painted (black and HOK red checkered with spots sanded through to kinda go along with the age of the guitar), and has locking tuners, so I needed to find some kind of wiring to go with it...something wierd...

...at first I was entertaining the idea of the zakk wylde set of emgs (81 and 85), but I've seen too many of them with that combo, so I decided on the 81 and the 89 (which is coil-tappable...sort of) to have that humbucking and single coil neck sound....

...THEN I found a bargain on a piezo tune-o-matic bridge, so I'm going to throw that in there with one of those ebay "onboard tube gain" circuits, since the pickups in the bridge work better with a preamp, and that would act as a preamp (it has a knob on it to adjust between a jazzy sound and a crunchy sound)

...have it all on a 3-way switch, the top being the emgs, the bottom being the piezo bridge, and the middle acting as a killswitch (so I don't run the battery down).

I figure that, with a setup like that, I'd only have to play one guitar on stage, as some of our songs require an acoustic (the piezo's will fake enough for that), and others require the raw sound of an EMG 81...

any thoughts?

-Devon Goodspeed

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Its a nice idea and one I've thought about for my next project. I'd have the battery on a strero jack so you only fire up the battery when the lead is plugged in. I'd also put in a blend knob so you can blend in some piezo with the EMG's for the sort of versatility you get with a Parker Fly. Maybe a mini switch to turn on/off the piezo, in any of the 3-way pup selector positions, and the piezo's own vol ctrl to do the same thing?

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yeah, I thought about the blending, and I don't think I'd get much use out of it...and with emgs the battery has to be on a stereo jack (otherwise you'll run it down as soon as you put the battery in...not good), so the killswitch was meant more to switch back and forth between the preamp thing and the emgs (like, which one receives power)...it would be a double pole switch, so I can control where the sound comes from, and what gets power with a single switch...which is good if you're on stage a lot and don't like to mess with a bunch of controls...

-Devon Goodspeed

P.S. unfortunatly my design doesn't allow for the piezo's to have a volume control, since I don't want to cut any more holes in my Gibson than I have to...

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you could allways switch one of the volume switches for a pickup to work with the piezo, and have both pickups use one volume.

OR use one of those double pots, then say your piezo and your bridge pickup would share the same nob, but different pots..

as far as the kill switch, you could use a pot that has a switch as well, and you just pull up on the nob to kill the preamp ground.

then if you want the blender switch, just run only one tone switch(like a varitone switch) and replace the other tone with a blender. that way it would be setup like this:

1 volume pot/switch (up position pre amp is off, down position its on)

1 Varitone switch for the entire setup

1 Volume Pot for just the piezo(or a double pot setup)

1 Blender nob.

and your 3 way could be even more versitile with switching..

wow, that would be fun to wire...

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