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Tightening Truss Rod - Fret Board Came Unstuck


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As I was setting my guitar up as per the tutorial, the neck wasn't responding so I decidec to stop..a little to late tho. The fret board from the 17 th fret has come unstuck.

Is it just a matter of re-glueing and accepting that the neck will not straighten up to what I would like (about .005" .5mm at the seventh fret) before the breakout it was 2- 3 mm and playable

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Hopefully I found the problem, I took the fretboard off and It seems I put the truss rod in upside down :D

:D It's a two way truss and I put the adjustment part of the rod next to the fretboard rather than the other way around, it took an aweful lot of pressure yho before the fretboard started to come off.

So I have just re-glued it and hope it doesn't shift by the morning

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If your fretboard came off when adjusting your truss, it's more likely that your glue joint was weak in the first place. When you reglue it make sure you're using lots of clamps or a very good gluing setup.

That neck should have no problem going in a backbow, upbow or be straight with a double action rod.

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