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Noob Needing Help To Restore A Stained Maple Neck


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Hey everybody, i am just a newbie, more of a player, this will be my first experience with wood working, i recently bought a fender strat, but as you can see its awfully stained , greenish and black, i want to restore it, i tried sanding it with a 360 wet/dry sandpaper, very smooth, i got the oil finish off, and some of the blackened stuff, but its still awful for me, i still see blackened stuff, and greenish stuff, can anybody tell me if theres anything i can do after removing the finish adn some of the stained stuff to remove all of it to make it really clean like it was recently bought??? is there any chemical i can use to set it to the fretboard to remove all that stains??? and then i would like to know what stuff should i buy to make it more like an orange looking, maple neck, not just a white one, i heard i could get translucent lacquer but it would leave the color just white, and i want it more orangy, like this


What should i buy?? please help me out?? i really want to restore this neck, its fast, and i would love to leave it just as if it was just new. ...

Hope a soon response

oh and by the way here are the Strat pics, not very clear but you can see the darkened-greenish areas,

Its a strange strat, Fender logo is weird, its a japanese fender guitar, but dunno, what year is it from , dont know anything it was abargain i got it very cheap... well thanks for helping me out


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If those stained areas on the frets are also worn down , ie. below the surface of the surrounding fretboard then there is not much chance of making it look right. Just think of it as regular wear and tear. Did you know that some folks actully try to make their brand new guitars look like that? Its called "relic-ing". :D

If there are no dips at the stained areas and the stains don't go very deep then you might be able to do something but it would require some expertise. All frets and nut have to be removed and the fretboard sanded down with a sanding block that has a matching radius. Reinstall frets and spray with gloss polyurethane (Minwax is good) to get that amber tint.

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THANKS Guys, this is too bad, i cant restore the neckkkk :D well anyways, ill try sanding it a little bit more, and you say i have to build up Polyurethane to get that finish??, ill re sand just a little bit, to remove the rest of the finish , and ill then apply polyurethane... by the way, whats that?? its just another type of Lacquer?? sorry for my ignorance, im just a newbie , you know :D and im wishing to know as much as i can... i have to go to a paint shop and ask for polyurethane just that way?? or ill have to ask for Polyurethane lacquer??, thanks again Guys :D .... ill leave it relic-ed i think but i have to refinish it or it will be worse than before sanding it B) lol...

If you could help me out once again id be gratefull

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