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Vouche For Shelac

low end fuzz

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now that im without a spraybooth to use; i decided that i would go with oil; always wanted to use soft finishes; unfortuanatly;though i like th eidea of a 'woodier' tone and simple fixes, it just dosent have the lustre i thought i could et out of it; even from the ones boasting 'high lustre';

alot of the tung oil out there is actually wiping varnish ,which is not good;

i tried some shellac, first as a sealer so i didn't have to fill all the porus lumber perfectly;

then i kept building layers and leveling them out;

i dilluted it to prolly under 1 pound cut with methyl hidrate and just kept adding quik layers; any dust or whatever landed on it ,i would wet sand out;

then after i was happy with absolutly no bumps or divets, i wiped on the polmerized tung oil;

just a thick coat on left for a minute or so (not sure if its even necassary) then wiped off in a polishing fashion;

it is almost a mirror finish; a little flatter;

not better or worse than nitro; just different;

its like a high gloss with no bright reflection;

i'll take a picture when its all together; which is still a lil away; i had an accident with the first one i tried


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The oil on top was completely unnecessary.

You can wet sand, apply polishing compounds, and buff out shellac exactly like you would to lacquer, they are basically similar (film) finishes and operate under the same basic conditions.

You can do the same thing to Tru-Oil too, but t takes like 40-50 coats to get a build thick enough to not rub thru on, and you can get witness lines with Tru-Oil, but not with shellac.

So, if you had just used the shellac and followed any basic recipe for wetsanding, polishing, and buffing out, you would have even more gloss than wiping that oil on there. :D

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