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Wood and Moisture


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I had a conversation with somebody really in the know about starting from scratch with planks of wood last night and I wanted to share some of the things I learned.

First of all "Green wood" which is a common term for freshly cut would be the one thing anybody here wants to avoid unless they are looking at a very long term project.

The rule of thumb so to speak is it takes about 1 year per inch of thickness for the wood to dry properly. You also need to seal the ends either with wax or paint to avoid splitting.

If you want to avoid cupping or warping the wood needs to be placed on an absorbent media and heavy weight added to help keep it flat. The area it is stored in should have a good flow of air all around it and you should make sure all side's are exposed at one time or another to allow moisture to escape. So keep in mind to mark a calender when it needs to be turned or flipped over.

Deals like this one on Ebay might look good to somebody that doesn't know any better but in the long run you would be better off purchasing wood that has already been dried and cured.

It's always better to ask then get deep into a project only to fail :D

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