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Changing To H/h/h

ebenezer shred

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I have a guitar with a current setup of h/h, and i have an extra humbucker that I want to wire in the middle of them. The guitar has two humbuckers, a three way toggle switch, and a volume. I just want to wire the new pickup in, not add any more pots. (by the way, all three of the pickups have two leads and a stranded ground). Can anyone help me?

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The only stock wiring like this would be the 3 HB Gibson customs. They use a special 3 way switch (available on Stewmac and elsewhere) that selects as follows:


1. Bridge HB

2. Middle HB

3. Neck HB

They also used 6 knobs, volume and tone for each pickup.

Some other ideas:

Wire it like a 2 HB Gibson, but with a push pull that adds the middle HB in parallel with whatever pickup you have selected.

Wire it like a Strat, with the 5 way switch, just treat each pickup like a single coil.

Do funky things with 10 knobs and 20 switches.

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either buy the special 3-way switch for three pickups (the stated one available from stew mac will NOT fit a les paul) or use a the three way to control the rythm and treble pickups and use a push/pull pot to turn on the middle pickup.

Personally I'd wire up three independed volume controls and one master tone control. as per this diagram: http://guitarelectronics.zoovy.com/product/WDUHHH3T2202

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