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Slotted Headstock

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I'm looking for design ideas for a slotted headstock for a nylon string guitar. Ideally I'd like to avoid the standard 3 a side tuning peg plates, and use individual 3 a side tuners. Perhaps I could use steel string tuners for the nylon string guitar? Or are there any individual tuners made for nylons?

I thought I'd seen some unusual slotted headstocks on the forum before, but can't find them now with the search engine.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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You could do something similar to what Rickenbacker does on their 12 strings... http://homer.netmar.com/~muscon2/r211b.jpg

Only without the tuners for the other six strings, of course. If you were looking to keep a solid headstock, you could work with some variations of the Rickenbacker design.

I don't know if theres a significant difference between nylon and steel string tuning machines, but Stew-Mac has some nice slotted-headstock-style individual tuners.


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