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Wood Storage


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Hey, what do you all think about storage of timber between jobs. I live in a fairly humid part of Australia (even though it doesn't seem to want to rain anymore) And I was thinking about storing the bits for my job and a container witth some desicant bags in it. Is this suitable or is it better to have a little bit of humidity. All this is based on the timber being cured when I buy it. Any way what do you reckon?

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Storing the wood in normal humidity for the area it will be built in and put into service is not a problem(simply put it is going to equalize to the environment at some point). There are some good precautions for long term storage. Seal the endgrain (wax sealer or what have you) as endgrain will allow for quicker acceptance and regection of moisture(sealing will slow that down). Keep the flow of air equal around the surfaces of the wood(placing sticks between the boards "stickering" will handle this). If you are interested in trying to speed up the transfer of cell locked moisture. You can control the atmosphere in the storage area(heat/airflow, airdrying), but you will eventually need to re-aclimate it back to your "normal" conditions. You want the wood stabalized to the area it will be used in for assembly, and then slow down the seasonal transfer of moisture with a good film finish.

P.S. I am not really talking about overdrying or forcing wood to 0 to possibly prepair it for catastrophic conditions.That is a different subject. :D


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