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Should I Paint Or Seal Wooden Radius Blocks?

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I bought some 8" radius blocks for fret leveling from ebay. I bought five of them, with radii of 9.5", 10", 12", 14", and 16". They are lovely quartersawn hardwood.

I'm just wondering if I should seal them with something to prevent any possible warping or swelling in the future. I asked the seller, and he said that unless I live in an area with high humidity it shouldn't be a problem. I live in Northern California, near the Oregon border. Pretty dry, high elevation here.

What do you all think? And if I do seal it, what should I use? Thanks for any thoughts! :D

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I tend to seal everything from jigs to templates and my radius blocks. I don't know it it is needed or if it is a vanity thing. Not vain like my tools look better than yours but, hey this sure looks cleaner! I use whatever is quick drying, shellac, cheap spray urethane, and just put a coat or two on.

I might need mental help though. Where's my Purell?

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