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Weird Volume Control Problem

Paul Marossy

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I recently pulled out a DiMarzio pickup that I had installed in one of my Ibanez guitars and put the stock one back in it. The pickup selector switch was messed up, so I had to doctor it up a little bit. After I soldered everything back together, I had some phase problems, so I made some adjustments. Everything sounds like it should now, but I have this strange problem: when I turn down the volume control, it starts to sound like out of phase pickups! Anyone ever experience this? :D

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Why would that only cause problems when the volume is turned down though? I would suggest taking the volume pot out of the circuit and seeing if that was the problem but that's pretty much like having the volume up all the way (well--more than all the way, actually). Still--I suppose it could shed some light on what's going on.

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