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Help Identifiing

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Hey Guys Can anybody tell what this guitar is it looks like... a Bruno Conqueror but it has a budah looking dude playin a clarinet with the word "Pan" under him.

Help need to know what it is.

Thanks Strato-Master

What you have is a Japanese copy of a Gibson ES-335. There were a good deal of these produced by different companies back in the "Hippy Daze." The Bruno pictured in your post is the same thing, but by a different manufacturer (that is, an ES copy of Japanese make... although Bruno was originally an American company)

With the little info that you've given, it's hard to say more but even if you'd posted say, a serial number, I don't know that I could be of much help. Pan made their version of the 335 from at least the early 60's to the early 70's but it's a relatively uncommon guitar to stumble across. I hesitate to say "rare" as people read that word and see dollar signs; I don't believe this axe has much monetary value but from what I've read it is a VERY well made copy and a versatile instrument. They seem to fall into people's hands for around $200 (USD) though I couldn't tell you what the POTENTIAL value is. It could be exactly 200 bucks... could be a bit more, but the kicker is you're not likely to find many people looking to "pick up a sweet 1960's PAN!" :D

Even though they made some quality instruments, they are neither well known nor sought after by most collectors or players. (( hence why you've not gotten a reply before now. . . most likely no one knows what the heck you're talking about. :D ))

If the guitar is clean and properly set up, you should have a pretty good instrument of higher quality than most new guitars of that style, regardless of brand. It's not all about the name. You might not have bragging rights, but you do have (at least the potential for) a relatively decent instrument!

All the best,


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With the many different branded Japanese copies of this era this could have been made by any company.Yours looks in great condition.The better manufacturers in the 70,s are now being looked at more seriously by collectors.I would suggest you hold on to it for a few more years and will be worth more than $200 us.Hollows and semi hollows are now being bought for good prices as long as they are in good shape and origional.Japanese copies were abundant in the 70's and 80's but are now becoming rather rare.The odd ones and anomilies will soon be collectable.Pan made some fine guitars and depending on what factory they were made will be worth holding on to.

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