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Dremel Questin

low end fuzz

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Heres a little set I picked up a while ago. I haven't used them yet and they are pretty basic, ie. no bearings, 1/8" shaft. I don't have a plunge base for my dremel but DO have the little router table accessory, haven't used that yet either, :D . The shaft on some of them continues past the bit section which will act as an end bearing, should be ideal for routing binding channels etc. Anyway, I bought the set at a place called "House of Tools" for around $30 Cdn.


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thats getting close to what i need; im working out a way to cut an f hole out; i want to have the bottom tail taper down to nothing, so none of my regular router bits would go small enough and routing freehand is never an option i entertain. but if those are out there for edges, im sure i could find a rabbett type one that i could change the beaings on to make it a flush bit.


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Why not just cut the f-hole with a coping saw and clean it up with a bit of sandpaper. You should be able to get good results in just as much, if not less time than it would take to make a template and route it. Plus, a taper to zero would be simple.



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