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Look around charity shops and flea markets for old Stanley, Sargent, or Miller Falls planes. Take a decent straight edge to check the soles for flatness, and you can get a great tool for very, very little cash.


Old Stanleys (read that as pre 1950's is best old), and even not-so-old Records (until the 70's or so) can be good buys. I've got a 1910's Stanley #5 that cost me about 45 dollars, in very good condition. Lovely tool. If I was going new, I'd go for a Veritas or a Clifton. Probably the Veritas if I wasn't going to spend oodles, but I'd rather peruse eBay and the like for old Records and Stanleys in need of some attention....

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Likewise, I have a Pre-War Sargent jack plane, which cost less than a pint of beer, and a 30's Record, which was free from my grandpa. Sargents are much less well known by most folks, so are often cheaper than Record or Stanley planes which get priced up due to an assumed 'collectability'. The Record is pretty cool in that it came with the original catalogue it was ordered from, and the shrapening jig which was sold with it.

You can also find old wooden planes for very little money, which can be tuned up much faster than metal planes, and usually have *excellent* quality irons in them. I'm currently using (and loving) a Rob't Sorby jack plane made from Beech, also a gift from my grandpa - it's every bit as good as the 2 bailey style planes, though perhaps less versatile.

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