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Question About 25+ Frets On A Fretboard

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Does the end of the fretboard, the part at the higher end of the frets, does it not stick on to the body of the guitar?

In other words, the fretboard is glued on to the neck, but does the part of the 25+ frets, does it kind of *float* over the body?

For example my washburn guitar has 24 frets and the 24th fret is not on the neck and not on the body, its just "floating" over the body. Question is.. is this a good thing/bad thing and what kinds of damage will this do over time?

I'm making a 36 fret fretboard and I just want to know what should I do.

Oh and the neck is a bolt on

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Having one or two frets hang off is not too bad, but having 12 frets hang off would be an aweful idea. Fretboard have slots cut in them. Thus, they're only strong when force is trying to compress the slots(since there are fret tangs in them), not when a force is trying to expand the slots(like if you were to fret a note). I highly recomend you have a solid surface for your fretboard to be glued to.

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