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Rg 470 Bridge Pickup Choice....


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Sorry for starting yet another thread about pickup choice. But after reading for days on various forums and review-sites, I still can't make up my mind.

In the neck there's definately going to be an Air Norton.

For the bridge I'm thinking about :

Norton (No soundclips to be found. Besides... I'm a little worried that the neck / bridge positions will turn out too similar.)

Tone Zone (Maybe a bit too bassy ?)

Steve Special (Maybe too clear ?)

D-Sonic (Same as Steve special and a bit too funky looking.)

Breed, Airzone, the various Paf's have already been deleted as possible choices.

What I'm looking for is a pickup that will cover most styles. (Rock, pop, metal, maybe even some funk, reggae and the like.) In other words, the (split)clean sound is just as important as (pinch) harmonics or it's distorted sound. Since I'm using a GT-Pro and power amp, instead of a tube amp, I don't really need an overly hot pickup to really drive the amp. I'm looking for a nice round and warm tone. Not too sharp or scratchy. Actually I like the stock INF2 a fair bit. I just wish it was a bit more "open" sounding.

Does anybody have some views to share on the subject ?

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