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Wood Binding Idea


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I have a bunch of 1/4" x 1/16" thick basswood in my stock pile of wood for model airplanes and was wondering if that would be a good binding material for a guitar. Also I was wondering if sinse I do not have a bending rig and am to lazy to make one if I could simply tape one end of the wood strip to the channel cut for the binding, while wet, and use my model airplane covering iron to bend the wood around the corners taping as I go. I think this would work fine.

If anyone is wondering the covering iron is one of these, just 30+ years old. :D


I was thinking the curved tip would work good in tight corners as well.

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Thanks for the reply, I was mainly going for looks with the binding and not really for protection as much. I guess I could try my heat gun then as well. How thick is wood binding typically then any way, I could cut some 1/8" as well if that would work better, or I could also get some spruce.

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