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My First Thread, My 3rd Acoustic

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Hi there everyone,

I'm Joe, one of Andy's(Jammy on this forum) mates, we're both learing guitar construction in Manchester (UK) and i thourght I would show you the beginnings of my HND acoustic project.

To set the scene:

1st project was my A-level electric body made from Paduak with a figured walnut burl top, nice.

Click here to see it

2nd project was my mandolin which we all had to make on the course

3rd project was my Shallow Jumbo Acoustic 6-string that is soooo nice and big and warm and loud :D

4th project is my 4-string tenor guitar using modded plans of a martin style 5. I love this guitar, its so clear and the top was able to go thinner than normal so the single notes are louder and crisper

click here to see them

5th project is a Tele for my brother made from quartered ash, flame maple neck, maccasser ebony F/board

6th project is still running due to a warped neck blank and no money on my bass players half. he is having my take on a stingray with a very funky piece of ash for the body and an all maple neck. nice

click here to see it

7th project is about to be polished being a 1952 replica tele (which there are so many bits that arent replica its funny) for my dad as he was born in '52, ahhhh

click here to see it

6th project is the formentioned HND acoustic project that i designed myself using the golden section and many stupid dreamt up ideas.

Here is the Top and back, both made from european walnut, trust me, i know it aint spruce or cedar but it will be ok, trust me :D

click here to see it

Here is the sycamore neck which will be a bolt on just glued up and sanded clean

click here to see it

And here is my rossette.

click here to see it

Now i know what you are thinging, "i can see a big bloody line down the center where your soundhole should be", but you're wrong, that is not the centre line, my centre line is perfectly through the middle of the hole drilled for the router base, that line is a split that happenned when i was taked the router base out of the top after my last route. I was furious/devastaded but my tutor helped me sort everything and one the sound hole is cut, I will see how bad it looks and cover it with another piece that matchers. Oh the joys of woodworking.

So yeah, I hope you like it so far. I have many more stupid ideas but i will save them for another post (cough circular bracing cough) mwuahahahaha! IT shall be, i the words of my friend james "ROCKTASTIC", andy will get it.


Joe x

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