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Spraying Clear Coat


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Hi there,

We are in the process of spraying the clear coat (stew-mac nitro). I was curious to know what is considered alot of orange peal. What I mean is, is it necesary to sand out orange peal between clear coats unless it is really bad orange peal? :D

For example, we spayed 3 coats (3 passes per coat) of clear on the body before doing our first flat sand. Then we spayed our 4th coat yesterday. As this is our first guitar we have built, we aren't sure how bad our orange peal is or isn't. Here are some pics I just took today...




any suggestios?tips? feel free to tell me Im being too picky. B)


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Orange peal is not a problem at all, depends how many clear coats did you spray, you can sand it with 600 grit wet carefully, then apply 3 more coats with a 50/50 in acrilyc and 4:1 ratio en urethane, depends distance with the spraygun air control (35 psi in touchup spray guns) not to far from the object, wet, but not run, then 1000 grit, 2000 grit, 3M fine cut ! any cuestion write me to


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Hey Mike, he is spraying nitro (laquer) from spray cans!!! Were in PR are you located? Never mind I see the link to your shop!!!

Oragnge peel is not a big problem with laquer! Since the coats you apply quemicaly bond (burn) into the previous ones! Yoy can wet sand after 3 coats like you did, but it is not necessary and you run the risk to sanding into your base, since the coats in nitro are too thin compared to poly.

Just keep spraying more coats, I usually level mines at 8 to 9 coats. But when I spray I don't get much peel,

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